Holo Sail Technologies Inc. strongly believes that innovations in technology and automation should be used to help maritime workers in doing their work, not threaten their jobs. Holo Sail Technologies, Inc. is using the latest technological innovations to automate the global shipping industry, by including Artificial Intelligence and advancements in Chain technology.


Our goal is to give shipping industry workers (Longshoremen, checkers, sailors, and others) access to this technology, so they can be more productive in a safer environment and and better able to compete with robotic automation. Holo Sail Technologies Inc.'s core value is that innovations in technology should help humanity, not take away the jobs of hard working people. We want to be the first of a kind; a technology company that stands alone from our competitors' view that cost savings have to mean a loss of jobs. As we have seen time and time again, every effort that our competitors have made to implement innovation has resulted in jobs lost in our maritime community. In addition, our competitors are using technology that is already outdated and, this very minute, they are trying to figure out work arounds for serious flaws in their choice of platform and design. Holo Sail Technologies, Inc. has a patent to use a platform that avoids those flaws altogether, combined with in-house AI. 


If there was ever a time to ensure the future safety of maritime industry jobs, here and now is that time. Holo Sail Technologies, Inc. is built around protecting as many of those jobs as possible in the coming years and decades. We are at a time where technology has surpassed humanity's ability to utilize its full potential. Holo Sail Technologies Inc. plans to change that and put the positive attributes of innovation at the disposal of the workers and humanity for the foreseeable future. We ask that you join us in this exciting time of technological advancement, and to help us put the newest, best-suited technology in the hands of maritime workers everywhere.