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Holo Sail UI Teaser Shows How User Friendly a Complicated Industry Can Be.

At Holo Sail Technologies, our vision is to completely change not only the fundamental ways in which the global shipping industry operates, but also the look and feel. We believe that not only should our products be incredibly intuitive, but they should require minimal training to master, integrate into current systems easily, and perhaps even be fun to use!

We had four major goals when designing the UI:

Practical Application

Ease of Use



The flexibility of Holo Sail and the underlying Holochain system makes it simple to integrate existing data or completely migrate it with minimal down time. Because Holochain is linked with multiple chains and nodes are independently owned, moving data is incredibly fast and easy, and allows us to be fully GDPR compliant. Every deployment of Holo Sail can be custom tailored to ports, ships, governing bodies, and more.

This snippet shows the database search screen. Thanks to our intelligent AI, Holo Sail can search for any relevant info related to ships, cargo, or administrative records.

We understand that change is hard, and that’s why we designed Holo Sail with common functions you see on smartphones to please our users. All the interface takes is a few simple taps to find the data you need and plan your day. Holo Sail does not charge for tech support either. Throw us your hardest questions and biggest concerns and our passionate and dedicated tech team will take care of it!

The flow of the User Interface plays a huge role in ease of learning the system. With plenty of fields to search for exactly the data you need the most, and bright bold labels to take you to different screens in a snap, all it takes is a few taps to get exactly where you need to be. And thanks to our in-house AI, there’s no math, no sorting through piles of paperwork, and no down time to keep you from your production goals.

Holo Sail makes it easy to see exactly what you're looking for and even integrates with your systems so all of your data is at your fingertips.

We took design cues straight out of the future. The interface is clean, offers relevant information that is easy to digest, with little to no dead space, all wrapped up in a high tech looking blue on black theme that would be right at home in 2050.

Thank you for taking a “First Look” at the Holo Sail Technologies UI. With more features in development and an ever advancing AI, Holo Sail is on track to become a system that major ports and shippers simply won’t want to live without!

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