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Holo Sail's first live product, Haven, is a private social network designed for organizations and businesses. Fast, and secure, it can act as the hub for your operations. 

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Growing pains are good to have. They tests your limits, expands your capabilities and refines your methods. We shared a YouTube video that was extremely powerful. I will link it again. That video has been viewed around 34,000 times in two days with several thousand comments. We helped Cheri in the video Heal her PTS that’s she’s dealt with since childhood. As a result we are up to nearly 300 requests for help. Here is the refinement part. Holo Sail Technologies has developed a platform called Holo Sail Haven. Think of FaceBook without the data harvesting, way better security, protected information, and a very secure platform to do video session with clients with zero outside risks. Holo Sail Technologies developed a PTSD assessment tool through their platform that we can send directly to the client, they fill out the symptoms and they are scored, we get a copy the client gets a copy and we forward the case to the coaches. Normally I would have had to do assessments by phone. 15 minutes each. Multiply that by 300. It would take me forever and now it’s streamlined and we are refining processes. Thanks John for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Now I can let out a sigh of relief.

Dan J.   |  Founder of 22Zero

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