What is Haven's Den?

Host video meetings without downloading any apps into your machine.

Enjoy fast, secure, and high-definition video meetings with rich features such as chat, file sharing, screen sharing, and many more.

All meetings are end-to-end encrypted and have no third party trackers.

Available now in Desktop Web Browsers!!

Looking for Haven's Den Support? 

End-to-End Encryption keeps you safe and your meetings private.

Host group meetings right in your browser. No additional software needed.

Screen and File Sharing built in. Perfect for collaboration and presentations.

Record Meetings Directly to your machine.

Adjust device settings and quality. Perfect for users with low-bandwidth.

Real-time chat built into the meeting.


2 meetings, 15 min. Basic Functionality


6.99/mo or 69.99/yr

Adds Screen sharing, more meetings


9.99/mo or 99.99/yr

Features of Pro + more meetings, screen record, whiteboard, file sharing