Port Authorities and International Shipping Associations




Port Authorities:

We have already met and discussed working with various Port Authorities. There is an understanding that using Holo Sail Technology® will make any specific port more competitive and attractive increasing annual TEU while at the same time reducing port congestion, pollution, and strain on infrastructure. The Port Authorities and Customs Departments will have complete access to every manifest, planned drayage, customs clearance, etc., in real time.

International Shipping Associations:

In speaking with and learning from different international associations and organizations, we are actively learning what their plans are for the future and how our systems can work with/help make those plans real. Our development takes into account the efforts and systems that worked or failed in the past globally and what the international obstacles are at this time. We have mapped out how to get the American market up to speed with the rest of the international shipping community, making the entire global supply chain more efficient.

Holo Sail Technologies, Inc. strongly believes that the HoloChain platform has the answers to the failures of BlockChain. The adaptability of HoloChain makes it able to mitigate the potential negative effects of the thousands of actors and unpredictable factors which exist in the maritime industry. BlockChain lacks this adaptability. With the combination of HoloChain and Holo Sail Technology® the possibilities are limitless, but the reality is increased profit, increased efficiency, environmentally conscious shipping, increased security, fuel savings, and a readiness for the future of multiple industries.

Johnny Walker

Chief Executive Officer - Holo Sail Technologies, Inc.

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