Thanks to our team's vast knowledge, we have found common problems that plague the current systems in the maritime shipping industry and have carefully developed solutions to these problems that range from issues affecting day to day operations to governmental oversight.

Customer Motivation to use Holo Sail Technologies, Inc.

The Benefits

Port Authorities will have complete access to every manifest, planned drayage, customs clearance, etc. in real time.

Truck and rail will be planned more efficiently to coincide with related bookings. And, with the addition of AI, the process will learn from itself and streamline processes as time progresses.

Our systems will work side-by-side with existing systems. There is no need for costly transitions or delays of production. It will be as simple as logging onto a website or app. The customer can continue with business as usual with the added benefits of Holo Sail Technology® and, when ready, completely switch over to our systems with virtually no slack time.

The Green Effect

  • Vessel will be stowed at full capacity therefore needing less fuel to move more cargo. This reduces the increased cost of IMO 2020 Sulphur cap regulations and greatly reduces the amount of pollution from the vessel smoke stacks.

  • The current Port Community Systems in the United States are old and slow. Vessels calling at US ports are often loaded under capacity, using more fuel to carry less cargo into the next port call. The land areas of the ports themselves are not being utilized to their full potential. Our systems will plan yard allocations to coincide with in-gate/out-gate moves and vessel bookings, greatly reducing truck lines and the pollution/carbon footprint from idle trucks/equipment and load vessels to full capacity.