Johnny Walker - Chief Executive Officer

 Johnny started his career in logistics as a Diesel Mechanic for a motor transport platoon in the US Marine Corps Reserve in 1997. Over the next 20+ years, the importance the industry plays in the day to day operations of the world economy and the challenges that need to be addressed has made his passion for the industry grow. His experience in the industry spans across vessel operations, stevedoring, strategic planning, terminal safety/emergency response, route logistics, labor management, warehouse, breakbulk, containerization, and government regulations. To see Johnny in action, you can watch the Science Channel's Mega Machines - Sea Giants Season 1 Episode 8 "Super Port NYC."

Horence Hernando - Chief Operations Officer


 Horence attended the State University of New York Maritime College. While there, he studied Marine Business and Commerce with a minor in Pre-Law, Humanities, and Maritime Security. He was also part of Fort Schuyler's deck license program. Horence sailed with the Department of Navy's Military Sealift Command and then went shore side in the Marine Terminal Operations and Stevedoring sector, where he worked in the second busiest Port in the United States. Horence brings the expertise and experience from blue waters and a Maritime academy education.

Luke Glaser - Co-Director of Technology Development


As a data engineer, Luke is particularly interested in the flow of information, automation, and how new technologies can be leveraged to: increase productivity and efficiency, create quality products, and accelerate humanity into a bold new future. He is passionate about connecting with people and constantly learning new things.

Joey Glaser - Director of Technology Development

Joseph enjoys solving problems; his goal is to bring real-world solutions to the issues that plague us today. Over the course of 10+ years of blockchain and cryptocurrency research, he has come to recognize the potential in blockchain and other types of networks. His research began at first as a curiosity, as Bitcoin and Etherium rose to power in the world of cryptocurrencies he speculated that this would be a turning point when it came to currencies as we know it. At the time he continued to watch the rise and falls of cryptocurrencies and their fluctuations of the markets. As more blockchains began to form he started to realize that each of these separate networks were specialized in purpose. This was before the flaws of blockchain we're truly realized. As blockchain has been rapidly developing over the years so has networks that claim to be for what comes after blockchain. These new networks are going to change the world once again with Holo Sail Technologies, Inc. at the forefront of development. Josephs extensive research and concept design has helped bring our products to life. He specializes in concept design, research, management

Mason Stotts - Deputy Director of Technology Development

Mason joined Holo Sail first as the webmaster then pivoted into his role as Deputy Director of Tech Dev. His skill set includes a background in information technology, web and graphic design, and business management. His work includes experience with large corporations and small businesses alike. With Mason's quick critical thinking skills, adaptability, and inclusiveness, he can leverage his tools and team to create a product quickly and efficiently, all while maintaining extremely high morale. 

Ace Rodriguez - Managing Officer

Ace Rodriguez joined Holo Sail Technologies as Managing Officer. He got his associates degree in Applied Science in Nursing from County College of Morris and his Bachelors Degree in Nursing from Grand Canyon University. He works for DaVita Inc. and has contributed to multiple charitable organizations.

Archie Edward Williams III - Former DDO

1979 - 2020


His undergraduate studies were in international economics, game theory, and psychology. His graduate work included health sciences, international transportation, shipping management, logistics and supply chain management, ship brokering and chartering, as well as a Merchant Mariner Credential. Archie spent time in the US Navy and Merchant Marines, corpsman training and experience, and Fortune 50 corporate L&SC management. 

Though he is gone he will never be forgotten. His time with Holo Sail had a huge impact on the daily lives of the whole team. The care and compassion he gave to others cannot be matched. Archie will be missed greatly.