A New, Cloud-Free, Technology Solution for the Global Supply Chain and More

Our Purpose

Our Patented, first-of-its-kind, Nodal Neural Network solution will provide the global supply chain with unprecedented levels of:






Why Now?

The Post-COVID-19 global supply chain is facing unprecedented challenges. These include cyber-security breaches, unavailable equipment, and record-high shipping rates.

The World's economic recovery is at risk.

Rise of Security and Data Breaches Worldwide

Poor transparency has led to a lack of global equipment

Shipping spot rates have gone up 86% to 186% since early 2020

Reduced latency of siloed and outdated systems

How We Do It


Customers only pay when they use our system. Their systems and infrastructure are managed through an easy-to-use application on their PC or mobile device. Their workflows become more efficient and time between payments and delivery of goods is decreased.

Our system enables us to provide CIF (Cost, Insurance, & Freight) services at FOB (Free on Board) pricing. Reducing cost from thousands to approx. $80 per shipment.

  • Real time tracking and proof of life.

  • Real time tamper or damage notifications.

  • Authentication and increased oversight.

Our customers receive added benefits at no additional cost. These include:

  • Limited memory/Reactive AI will provide cost effective business trends for each user.

  • Free from the cloud and cyber secure, customer data remains safe and remains their property.

Unmatched cyber security, need specific data visualization, business trends and insights, identifying spot rates, and more!

Customer Benefits

The Problems

The global supply chain currently relies on fragmented, expensive, and antiquated solutions

Blockchain Bottlenecks

Expensive licensing and cloud fees

Multiple vendors, lack of interoperability






Poor data quality and transparency


Superior Security

The Solution

A Cloud-Free system offering superior cyber-security, scalability, and "all-in-one" convenience for essential supply chain operations

Single Solution for Multiple Critical Tasks

Streamlined, Modern System

Greater Scalability & Processing Speed

GDPR-Compliance & Enhanced Data Governance

No Licensing Fees