Holo Sail Technologies, Inc. software and solutions can automate the entire global supply chain. Our systems are being built with machine learning, predictive analytics, and data visualization, using a unique and flexible platform. We will generate new lines of revenue, save cost, and show its users how to optimize their business strategies. Our systems are adaptable to any operational environment and designed to work in conjunction with existing systems.​

Our Goals

Bridge the tech gap between the US and the rest of the global maritime industry using Holo Sail Technology® - incorporating practical software solutions designed to work directly with logistics operations


Apply the same principles in other industries including, but not limited to Manufacturing, Routing Logistics, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, National Defense, and Scientific Research.

Our Team

Divided into two specialties, the unique collaboration of our team is our most valuable asset. We are comprised of:

Operations Development Team: Responsible for building on over 20 years of industry experience to forge new working relationships that foster technological advancements to improve worldwide shipping efficiencies


Technology Development Team: Incorporates the latest technology innovations to practically apply new capabilities into operationally functional software


Our two teams work together as one making us fluid, adaptable, and ready for rapid growth. We understand the specific needs of terminal operators, steamship lines, individual port authorities, and trucking companies. We encompass the vast needs of the international maritime industry, supply chain, and much more.

Our Solutions

A synergistic combination of Holo Sail Technology® operating systems and hardware provide us the unique ability to coexist with current US systems, while also being able to seamlessly link to more advanced European systems

IPCSA is standardizing international shipping in conjunction with/using a PCS, IMO data reference model, WCO, and ISO - 28005

Using the EDIFACT messages we can take the data from ISO - 28005 or the IALA's S-211, plugging that into our system bridging the gap.

Holo Sail Technology® will provide instantaneous flow of data and transactions to the right people in real time

In Real Life: Only drivers who have customs-cleared containers ready will be at the gate. Time windows and customs checks will be completely predetermined. All transactions and payments will be in real time, in any currency, and completed within nanoseconds.