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What We Do

Holo Sail Technologies provides infrastructure and intelligence to all of your data and communication needs. We also focus on use cases that require high security environments.

HoloStacks: Our Custom Zero-Trust, Decentralized encrypted and scalable infrastructure solution

Zero-Trust, End-to-End Encrypted, Peer-to-Peer Connections enable seamless and secure data channels between you and your people. Encryption happens in real time, which means that your data won't be intercepted or pass through a server before getting to you.

Secure Communications

All messages and video meets are end-to-end encrypted over a peer-to-peer connection with a dedicated data channel for file sharing. This means your chatter won't be intercepted in transit.

Real-Time Data Analytics

We provide real time dashboards customized to the   data points that you need. 

Real-Time Communication

Multiple communication options let you get your message to the right people instantly.

White Label/Customization

We offer endless customization options including support for interactive maps, calendar integration, team communication, and more.

Secure Video Conferencing

With Haven Video baked in, end-to-end encrypted conferencing is just one click away, with static, "always on" meeting rooms for every user.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Our system alerts us of any suspicious activity, and can take action automatically, keeping you and your data secure.

Data Intelligence

With granular data controls, you can narrow down your field of view and find the information that is most important to you.


Our multidimensional and multimedia approach to supply chain (real world and digital) logistics management and communicatios provides our clients with a clear real time picture of what is really going on in their ecosystems. We integrate our operations and communication platforms into one smart, engaging, social and dynamic destination, all secured by our scalable, zero trust, end-to-end encrypted architecure that we call a HoloStack.

Security and Compliance

Our decentralized architecture and robust security features allow compliance, flexability and best practices:

Haven Integration

Within our HoloStacks, Haven products or other applications can function as individual modules or together as one ecosystem. No data ever leaves the ecosystem and can be shared via peer to peer encryped connections to others outside the HoloStack.

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